Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Has this ever happened to you? You are trying to make brunch plans with a friend. Every place she suggests leaves you agonizing over the following; will there be space for your stroller? will you get anything but dirty looks from the other patrons? will there be a change table in the bathroom? will the establishment have high chairs? will there be anything on the menu that your child will eat that isn't deep fried? how off-put will your friend be if you just suggest coffee at your place like always? If any of this is familiar than you might very well appreciate what's coming next: a restaurant with a healthy menu available in both adult and kids sizes and where all of the conveniences a parent could desire are met. And that includes a play area.

Welcome to the blog for JJ Kai's. It's a restaurant. Well, it's not a restaurant yet, but IT WILL BE!

A friend and myself were talking about the need for a restaurant where adults could sit and relax and have a decent, healthy meal while their children played nearby or ate comfortably. A place where there were no dirty looks. A place, in short, that doesn't really exist. So we've decided to stop just talking about it and open this place. Join us on our journey!

A little about us. Davina has two children, Avon and Jazmyn and a husband Donovan. She hails most recently from Vancouver, BC (where many of these types of restaurants exist, by the way). Tera has a son named Kai and a partner, Duff (yes, like the beer on the Simpsons).

We are just at the beginning of this adventure. Right now we need a business plan, a bunch of loans, a location (we're looking around Dundas and Dufferin and if anyone has any ideas, we'd appreciate them!) and a prayer.

Follow us and see how this all unfolds.


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  1. I love that this is up and running! This intro really does sum us up. JJ Kai is gonna be great on winter days with everything school related closed. Gotta factor in tobaggan parking!